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The Rhabdomyolysis Shuffle
October 18, 2006, 10:18 am
Filed under: Injuries & Recovery, Rhabdomyolysis, The Lumber

Well, the workout for today looks awesome but I’m not allowed to do it because all these issues with my legs turned out to be rhabdomyolysis. Here are the details from the crossfit forum post I made:

I did last saturday’s tabata squats (scored 18) but I wasn’t hydrated well at all nor did I have breakfast yet. Anyways, I stood up and was like “Wow, that was hardcore!” turned around, and my legs folded. It was actually very funny at the time. Anyway, I chilled for 30 mins, got in the car and went to the farm for milk and eggs, came home and mowed over an acre with a pushmower on an incline, climbed our roof to clean the chimney, weedwacked hundreds of feet of stone wall, helped the fiance stack 2 cords of wood, etc. Me and my fiance did 5 hours of yard-work without rest that day. THAT was the mistake. They didn’t really hurt all that day; however, when I woke up Sunday morning I sure felt it!! They didn’t get that much better by last night and I knew it was rhabdo, so I just went to the ER.

My creatine kinase levels were 7000 (4 days after the incident), where they ought to be around 500 (so the doc said). They said my kidneys were function 100% but just to be sure they hydrated the hell out of me for a few hours. My legs feel quite a bit better this morning.

Bottom line: Don’t be a cavalier training fool. Be educated, and safe.

The doctor said I ought not do anything at all for a week; however, I plan on doing my normal daily routine sans exercise. Just vacuuming, dishes, baking bread and helping my fiance train while being severely jealous that she’s not on the sidelines with me! I’m going to look into the best way to recover from this, as well as being intuitive about it, and I shall post my results as they develop. Hey, at least I’ll have time to write articles and stuff. I’m off to eat oatmeal and lick my wounds!


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